Welcome to the redesigned futurability.com

Futurability.com has served as a platform for some of the older research papers that I have authored or co-authored for quite some time. I have not updated this website for a number of years. As a result there were many dead links and the site was not very user-friendly. At the same time some of the downloads continue to get a lot of "hits". The site therefore got a fresh look and the dead links were deleted. All of the papers can now be freely printed. No new content was added.
Most of my current research interests are much better reflected by the conceptual website www.SustainableValue.com and the project websites www.new-projekt.de, www.advanceproject.org or on www.sirp.se. Please refer to these sites for more information on my current research.
Do feel free to get in contact, if you have any questions or comments.
Thanks for your interest!